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Artist’s statement...

I have always drawn. It's what I do. It's what I've done since I was a young child. I think that most art begins (or should begin) as a drawing or sketch.

I have a degree in art and English. I was an art teacher in the Michigan Public Schools for five years but I came to realize that I wanted to spend my available time drawing.

Because most of my art results in drawings, I am automatically labeled an "outsider artist." Many galleries (and people) aren't terribly interested in black and white art, and not a lot of artists draw anymore. Consider me a throwback ... or someone more interested in doing art than in selling it.

I draw what I want to draw. If someone likes what I do, that's wonderful. If not, well, I'm still going to do it. Perhaps all this means that my heirs will have the world's largest collection of original Wilke drawings after I move on to the next cosmic level. So be it.

In my work I strive to create something that no one has ever seen before. My favorite comment about my work is: "I've never seen anything like it."

I work with Rotring Isograph pens (mostly .13, 6X0 tips....$40.00@ and they don't last long) on archival paper. My framing is all done by Frameworks in Boise, ID and is done entirely with archival materials.

My website shows many years of my work. If you have questions, call or email me. I hope you see something in my work that makes you think or smile...or scratch your head.

Thanks for looking.

Martin Wilke

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